Contest Jaime Merino videos of Medicine Rotation UMH 2019-2020 with new winners

The Department of Clinical Medicine of the Miguel Hernández University (UMH) of Elche has delivered one more year of the “Jaime Merino Videos Presentation of the Clinical Rotary Medicine Awards”.Though this contest, the Department of Clinical Medicine of the UMH intends to pay tribute to the figure of Professor Jaime Merino Sánchez.The ceremony was held in virtual format and was chaired by Merino himself, together with the director of the Department, FélixGutiérrez, and professors from the same.

Who have been the winners of the Contest Jaime Merino Video of the Rotation UMH?

On this occasion, the videos presentation of the Clinical Rotation of the university Miguel Hernández winners have gone to:

Noelia Jara Rico


– Rotary Clnic: General University Hospital General of Alicante

– Description: Patient management where the Stroke Code applies.

Iván Gutiérrez Pastor


– Rotary Clinic: University Hospital of San Juan of Alicante

– Description:  Management of the patient with status epilepticus. Anamnesis. Clinical evaluation, complementary tests, follow-up in HGUA, different CT and EGG to evaluate follow-up, research and literature on epileptic seizures, conclusions.


What are the characteristics of the Clinical Rotation UMH presentations of the students?

The videos of the students of Medicine, UMH, along the Clinical Rotation 6th course, enable the teaching and theoretical promotion. Therefore, the presentations, are not only available to other students, but which can also be consulted by professionals of health sciences, or people really interested in medicine. It is, therefore, open content, and this allows to raise the level of impact.

Basically, the videos received on the Internet correspond to 4 Clinical Rotation of the degree of Medicine taught at UMH

What hospitals participate in Clinical Rotation UMH in 6th course of the degree in Medicine ?

Basically, the practical pre-professional of the Rotation in the medical areas of the university and associated hospitals, as well as Associated Primary Care Centres in the province of Alicante takes place in:

  • General University Hospital of Alicante (HGUA), el General University of Elche (HGUE), the University of San Juan (HUSJ) and the General University Hospital of Elda, Virgen de la Salud (HGU Elda)

Definitely, students play their roles in medical services. In addition, to participate actively and tutored in:

  • health care activity
  • medical visits,
  • observation,
  • indication of diagnosis, tests

In essence, students discuss clinical cases, differential diagnosis and therapeutic indication. After that, perform monitoring of patients in outpatient. It is, therefore, strengthen the doctor-patient relationship.

As every year, from Department of Clinical Medicine UMH we encourage students from 6th course to participate in the contest Jaime Merino Clinical Rotation videos. It is simple, you only will have to record a video of your clinical case of the Rotation and send it online. Do not hesitate, the 2020-21 edition will be ready soon.