Contest Jaime Merino videos of Medicine Rotation UMH 2017-18 with new winners

Alumnos profesores UMH Entrega Premios Jaime Merino vídeos rotatorios clínicos UMH

Contest Jaime Merino videos of the Rotation UMH 2017-18 performed the awards ceremony in the Department of Clinical Medicine. Javier Fernández Sánchez, professor and director of the department, professor Jose Manuel Ramos, associate professor of Internal Medicine at HGUA, along with professor Merino himself, attended the event in the main hall with students Of the degree of Medicine.

Contest Jaime Merino videos of the rotations University Hospital of Sant Joan Alacant

Who have been the winners of the Contest Jaime Merino Video of the Rotation UMH?

On this occasion, the video presentation of the Clinical Rotation of the university Miguel Hernández winner in the edition 2017-2018 has gone to:

Professor Jaime Merino and the student Marta Elvira Soler gets the award for best video presentation of the UMH Clinical Rotation during the edition 2017-18

  • Marta Elvira Soler
  • Clinical Rotation: General University Hospital General of Alicante
  • Description: It presents the clinical case of a patient who attends right clinical emergency of diplopia and ptosis. Anamnesis and exploration is exposed to the patient. In fact, with the complementary tests and the interpretation. Finally, you reach the diagnosis of pituitary apoplexy. Arising, then the most important theoretical aspects. Finally, it presents the therapy applied to the patient, the outcome and prognosis.

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3rd Award

Daniel Romero Valero premiado Concurso Jaime Merino Video presentation Clinical Rotations UMH

  • Daniel Romero Valero
  • Clinical Rotation: General University Hospital of Elche
  • Description: It exposes the clinical case of a 83-year-old woman who is admitted to study dyspnea and palpitations. The video analyzes the diagnostic and therapeutic process of the case. As well as you can see the complementary tests that were performed on the patient during her admission.

3rd Award

Ana Martín Carratalá Doctor I can not breathe video Contest Jaime Merino Rotation presentations UMH

  • Ana Martín Carratalá
  • Title: Doctor, I CAN’T BREATHE
  • Clinical Rotation: General University Hospital of Alicante
  • Description: A clinical case on primary purulent pericarditis by Streptococcus Constellatus. Patient who debuted with signs of cardiac tamponade and in which more than 4 services participated in the Hospital of Alicante. These include: Allergology and Dermatology by Medicamenta Toxicodermia. As well as cardiology, infectious disease unit,…

3rd Award

Carlos López Merchero 3rd award Contest Jaime Merino Video of the Rotatotions UMH

  • Carlos López-Menchero Ortiz de Salazar
  • Clinical Rotation: University Hospital of San Juan of Alicante
  • Description: Presentation and resolution of a clinical case of dilated cardiomyopathy presenting as cardio-respiratory community. Literature review on the most main aspects in the diagnosis and management of this disease.

3rd Award

Clara Ramos Belinchón Contest Jaime Merino Video Presentation Rotations UMH

  • Clara Ramos Belinchón
  • Clinical Rotation: General University Hospital of Alicante
  • Description: Paraneoplastic Dermatomyositis secondary to cholangiocarcinoma </li>

3rd Award

María Castillo Martínez gets the 3rd Award Contest Jaime Merino Video Presentation Clinical Rotation UMH

  • María Castillo Martínez
  • Clinical Rotation: General University Hospital of Alicante
  • Description: Clinical case of secondary syncope cardiogenic to severe aortic stenosis and an inoperable elderly patient management.

3rd Award

  • Laura Fuertes Kenneally
  • Clinical Rotation: General University Hospital of Alicante
  • Description: In this presentation we do a didactic review of the pathophysiology, diagnostic and therapeutic approach of the effusion and cardiac tamponade. With a practical approach, through the explanation of a real clinical case.

What are the awards for the winners of the Contest Jaime Merino the Clinical Rotation UMH videos?

Basically, the act of the present the awards for the best video presentation of mMdicine UMH Rotation took place on Tuesday, November 6. The main hall of the Department of Clinical Medicine of the UMH met: professor Jaime Merino, Javier Fernández, director of the Department of Clinical Medicine and José Manuel Ramos, associate professor. All of them were who presented the awards to the students.

  • 1st award: 300 euros
  • 2nd award: 200 euros
  • 3rd award: 100 euros
  • 4th award: 100 euros

Contest Jaime Merino video of the rotations General University Hospital Elche

What are the characteristics of the Clinical Rotation UMH presentations of the students?

The videos of the students of Medicine, UMH, along the Clinical Rotation 6th course, enable the teaching and theoretical promotion. Therefore, the presentations, are not only available to other students, but which can also be consulted by professionals of health sciences, or people really interested in medicine. It is, therefore, open content, and this allows to raise the level of impact.

Basically, the videos received on the Internet correspond to 4 Clinical Rotation of the degree of Medicine taught at UMH

Daniel Romero Valero third awarded Contest Jaime Merino Video Presentation Rotation UMH

What hospitals participate in Clinical Rotation UMH in 6th course of the degree in Medicine ?

Basically, the practical pre-professional of the Rotation in the medical areas of the university and associated hospitals, as well as Associated Primary Care Centres in the province of Alicante takes place in:

  • General University Hospital of Alicante (HGUA), el General University of Elche (HGUE), the University of San Juan (HUSJ) and the General University Hospital of Elda, Virgen de la Salud (HGU Elda)

Definitely, students play their roles in medical services. In addition, to participate actively and tutored in:

  • health care activity
  • medical visits,
  • observation,
  • indication of diagnosis, tests

In essence, students discuss clinical cases, differential diagnosis and therapeutic indication. After that, perform monitoring of patients in outpatient. It is, therefore, strengthen the doctor-patient relationship.

Contest Jaime Merino videos of the Rotation General Hospital Alicante

As every year, from Department of Clinical Medicine UMH we encourage students from 6th course to participate in the contest Jaime Merino Clinical Rotation videos. It is simple, you only will have to record a video of your clinical case of the Rotation and send it online. Do not hesitate, and the 2018-19 Edition is launched!

Students professors UMH Contest Jaime Merino UMH Clinical Rotation videos

Download the instruction of the Contest videos Rotation 2018-19 in PDF